Out of the Darj   من ضارج

Birmingham's Middle Eastern Percussion Ensemble


"I'm thrilled to have group of talented musicians to perform live with. "

- Megha Gavin

Birmingham's Middle Eastern Percussion Ensemble

Welcome to OutoftheDarj.com, the home of Birmingham's premiere Middle Eastern Percussion Ensemble. Out of the Darj is a group of local musicians with a love of Arabic percussion and the desire to share that passion with the community. We are available for events requiring musicians and for dancers requiring a band. To see some of our previous work, check out our Media page!

If you are interested in learning more about us or having us play at your event, click the email icon below to get in contact with us.

Are you interested in learning how to play?

We have classes every Friday night! Learn the basics of playing the doumbek and frame drum. Are you a dancer who wants to understand the rhythms? Learn to feel the beat and understand the timing of each rhythm.

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